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Cyptobot is gWebs’ automatic cryptography robot. Cryptobot was designed specifically to help new MailCloak users get used to sending and receiving encrypted email. Cryptobot may also a testing tool to help encryption users verify that their MailCloak is working properly.

Using Cryptobot to Get Started with MailCloak

If you are using MailCloak for the first time, a good way to get started is by sending Cryptobot an email. MailCloak will automatically attach your public key to this email, and Cryptobot will then reply with an encrypted message and its public key. When you open the message, MailCloak will automatically add Cryptobot's public key to your Keychain. When you reply, your message will automatically be encrypted using Cryptobot's public key. Now Cryptobot will decrypt your message and send it back to you encrypted with his public key - and now you know everything is working.

Sending Cryptobot your Public Key

  • Make sure your MailCloak is turned on.
  • Login to your webmail – this could be Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, MSN Live Mail, or your company’s supported webmail system or run your POP email application.
  • Compose a new email message.
  • Address your message to
  • Click send.

By default, MailCloak will automatically attach your public key to your outgoing messages. If you wish to turn this feature off, or need to turn it back on, you can change your settings

Receiving Encrypted Email from Cryptobot

Wait a few minutes and then check your email again. Cryptobot should have replied to your email with an encrypted message and its public key.

Because Cryptobot encrypted the message using your public key, you will be able to decrypt it using your private key (which is paired with your public key).

Making Sure You Have Successfully Imported Cryptobot's public key

Open your MailCloak Settings and go to the Keychain Tab. Notice that Cryptobot’s public key is now in your keychain.


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