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Gmail formatting issue

Appears in Beta 39 and below.


Solution: Gmail formatting issue

Overlapping installs + an uninstall breaks your Keychain

After installing multiple versions of MailCloak, you uninstall one version. The leftover version becomes unusable:


Empty Keychain Solution

BCC ignored

This isn't an issue. It's impossible to use BCC with GnuPG encryption because the message will have all public keys embedded in it, and thus ruin the "blind" part of BCC (Blind Carbon Copy. Please send your message twice.

Can not sending encrypted emails, the tab in the browser says"Loading"

MailCloak may be incompatible with one of your other extensions. (are you using DownThemAll!?) Try disabling other extensions and see if that helps.

Get license expired message

MailCloak does not support Windows Vista and Windows 7 well so far. If Mailcloak is installed on these system, you will get this message even you are using free version.

Formatting problem

This problem happens on mailcloak for firefox. All formatting is lost, and the font is changed to a smaller or bigger.

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