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MailCloak is Available in four different versions:

MailCloak Personal Edition:

And MailCloak Small and Medium Business Edition:

All four versions support at least the following three webmail services:

MailCloak for Firefox

MailCloak for Firefox is a Mozilla Firefox browser add-on which encrypts email for Google's Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Microsoft's MSN Live Mail using GnuPG public key encryption.

MailCloak for Firefox encrypts drafts, messages and attachments on Gmail, MSN Live Mail and Yahoo! Mail.

MailCloak for Firefox is free.

MailCloak for Mail Clients

MailCloak for Mail Clients is a Windows application that provides encryption support for all POP3 and SMTP Email clients. Currently IMAP is not supported.

MailCloak for Mail Clients will also encrypt individual files. If you wish to encrypt folders, you can manually zip or rar them first and then encrypt the compressed archive.

MailCloak Pro

MailCloak Pro is MailCloak for Firefox + MailCloak for Mail Clients + MailCloak for Internet Explorer.

MailCloak Pro can be downloaded for free and comes with a 15 day trial license.

MailCloak SMB

MailCloak SMB is similar to MailCloak PRO, except that it adds support for users with Google Apps and Microsoft Live Domains, and offers volume license discounts.

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