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Patent's are valuable intellectual property. You should only send information about patents with encryption-protected email.

Why You Should Protect Your Patent Emails

Everyone knows that patents are valuable intellectual property that should be protected, but even in this day and age of wildly publicized data-theft and hacking, some people still cling to the belief that email is a safe communication medium. maybe you didn't know that even if your connection to your email server is protected by encryption, your email will most likely be saved un-encrypted and then sent (unencrypted) over the internet to another server, which will save it, and pass it on to another server, for up to 20 "hops", until it finally reaches its destination.

Emailing unencrypted information about patents is dangerous and reckless

System administrators and employees, as well as hackers, thieves and corporate spies can hack into any one of the systems that your mail passes through and gain access to your important information, but with minimal effort you can use strong encryption to protect your clients and your IP.

What is the Best Encryption System to use?

Email encryption is a broad concept applicable to just about any system. Using standards-based systems like PGP or GPG to protect your email is the obvious choice because these systems have been in-place for over 20 years and have a huge base of established users. On the other hand PGP and GPG (aka GnuPG) are difficult to use and may not work with your email systems, so you may want to use a product like Global Web Security Systems' MailCloak. MailCloak uses GnuPG, so it is compatible with all those PGP and GPG users.

What Email Systems can I use

PGP and GPG can be used with just about any POP mail system - but only MailCloak works with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and MSN Live Mail. If your business uses Google Apps, or Microsoft Live Mail Admin, MailCloak works with those too. MailCloak can even be customized to work with your company or ISP's webmail system!

Using MailCloak is Easy

Using MailCloak is way easier then you imagine. Check out our Quick Start Guide to see just how easy it is. Or take a look at some of our Screen Shots.

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