Quick Start

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Getting started with MailCloak is unbelievably easy.


Install MailCloak

Create an Identity

Turn on MailCloak

Fire up your web browser and login to your webmail.

You will now be asked to bind MailCloak to this email address. Click yes.


Exchange your key -- you can use Cryptobot (cryptobot@gwebs.com) to test key exchange

Sending someone your public key is automatic once MailCloak is turned on.


Now your contact can send you encrypted email.

We have created the Cryptobot to help new users get used to the key exchange concept. Using Cryptobot is really really easy! Once you have installed and turned on MailCloak, simply send an email to cyptobot@gwebs.com - MailCloak will automatically attach your public key to this email.

When someone (Cryptobot) receives your public key, it will be added to their keychain, and they will automatically send you an encrypted reply with their public key.

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