Talk:Getting Started with MailCloak for Firefox

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  • In order to send encrypted email with MailCloak, or any PGP or GPG compatible encryption system, you must first exchange your public key with your communications partner. Your public key will be used to encrypt email so that only you can read it. You will then use the combination of your private key and your password to decrypt it.
  • Sending someone your public key is automatic once MailCloak is turned on.
  • We have created Cryptobot to help new users get used to the idea of key exchange. Using Cryptobot is really really easy! Once you have installed and turned on MailCloak, simply send an email to - MailCloak will automatically attach your public key to this email.

So go ahead and send an email to, wait a few minutes, and check your email. Cryptobot should have replied to you. Now Send Cryptobot another email. At this point MailCloak will ask for your password, and when you click OK, MailCloak will encrypt and send your email.

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