Verify the GnuPG program

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MailCloak uses the GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG) open-source encryption software to provide highly secure encryption. gWebs does not alter GnuPG in any way, and we encourage our users to verify their copy of GnuPG, or replace it with a self compiled version. To verify the version of GnuPG we provide, simply do an MD5 consistency check, using the following steps:

1. Go to your MailCloak install location, like C:\Documents and Settings\gwebssuppoter\Application Data\Gwebs\GnuPG. You will see gpg.exe and iconv.dll in the folder.

2. Using any md5 software to generate hash code for gpg.exe and iconv.dll.

3. Download GnuPG software from official website, then generate hash code for GnuPG software.

You will see the hash code is exactly same. We do not modify gpg.exe and iconv.dll.



If you want replace the old GnuPG with a newly downloaded, just download new version GnuPG program and replace the old GnuPG which comes with mailcloak. that's it.

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